Imperial Agent Crane Rank

I have just started painting my first Corvus Belli Infinity figure.  I got this Imperial Agent Crane Rank at the Sword and Brush painting competition in Toronto over the weekend.  It’s a really nicely sculpted and cast figure.  I’ve made a base that looks like the steel deck of a ship or a high-tech factory using a Happy Seppuku stamp.  I slightly modified the figure by removing the head of a vanquished foe that was impaled on the end of the blade.  This allowed me to slightly repose the figure so it would stand better on the steel grate. 
Imperial Agent Crane Rank WIP I used pure white for the highlights on his armour.  I used Reaper’s NMM Gold triad for the lines on his skirt.  I think it needs a few more passes with both shadows and highlights before its done.  I may add a darker brown as well, because the brown just doesn’t seem dark enough to create the necessary contrast to make the gold appear shiny. The yellow was an interesting project and showed the importance of careful underpainting.  There were a couple of spts where I was sloppy wiht my initial shading, and that shows through the yellow quite strongly, even after literally a dozen layers of paint have been added. His eyes didn’t turn out that well.  My hands were shaky and I probably should have left them for another day to paint. 

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