Reaper Barrow Warden Mystic OSL Project

Get this figure painted to your own specifications!

About a year ago I decided that I needed to take specific action to improve my painting skills.  I began to do a study of light and lighting effects.  I started with some relatively simple miniatures and focused on establishing a strong light direction.  You can see many of my projects on the Reaper Miniatures Forum.  I then worked my way up to adding brighter and brighter lighting effects and experimented with different light colours.  I went to my favorite miniature site, Reaper Miniatures, and did a search through their catalog for miniatures that would be good subjects for this sort of painting technique.  I decided to work on this figure because of his upheld orb which could be made to glow, the multiple gems that would reflect the glowing light, and the metal staff which would be painted as non-metallic metal which was partially shaded from the light by the miniature’s torso.  I started by sketching out the shadow areas.


I got a little bit too excited when I realized how well that addition of the dark brown and purple shadows was working.  I started adding the green glow colour to the figure way to early causing me to have to pause and consider my next steps for a few days.

I decided to create a palette where I laid out all of my base colours, shades and tints and then added the green glow colour to all of them (similar to creating a mother colour grey mixture using all the paints on the palette, but instead tinting everything with a common green).  This turned the reds very grey, but made them brighter, and made all the greys and browns look brighter.  This picture is the base coats with a few layers of shade and tint.



Here is the final product.  He was awarded Silver at the Sword and Brush Painting Competition in Toronto on 8 Sep 2018.


Get one painted to your own specifications!

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