Reaper’s Bones Lem, Iconic Bard (Halfling)

I’ve been working on this halfling concurrently with the dwarf pathfinder.  He’s for a player in my D&D campaign.  It’s a much simpler figure, since it was cast as one piece.  I trimmed off the base and made him a greenstuff base.  He’s going to have a red leather coat, green and purple diamond checked pants, a black clarinet and a smirk. 

I initially planned this to be a speed paint (roughly 2 hours max time spent) but then I was having so much fun painting diamond shaped I might have gone a little overboard.  I am not satisfied with the clarinet/flute thing yet.  I want it to look shinier, so more work required.  It’s currently painted purple, but I may have to go with black and put some reflections from his clothing into it as well as make it look shiny.  I also need to figure out what to do with his left hand.  It’s not really clear whether its a bandage, a bunch of bracelets or what. 


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