Mansions of Madness — Star Spawn of Cthulu

This project was a lot of fun. The person who I painted it for wanted it to have glowing eyes and for it to look like it came from the sea. I was inspired by the two wings that make a cocoon-like shape around the body. It seemed to me like they could be made to have a very different look on the outside form the inside. I looked at various photos of the game and the figure online. The game takes place in a mansion with wooden floors, so I sculpted a floor using green stuff and a Happy Seppuku mold. I wanted there to be a bright light source so that the shadows within the wings would look very creepy. The biggest challenge was actually preparing the figure because as a board game figure it is made from relatively cheap plastic, not really intended for modelling, and it had many mold likes. Fortunately the plastic was fairly flexible and I was able to paint it without have to remove the wings (the figure comes out of the box pre-assembled). I am really happy with how it turned out overall. It has a balanced overall lighting scheme (although the eyes are a bit too bright in comparison with the flame).

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