Reaper Bones — Boar Demon

I have been looking at this figure for quite a while, weighing different options for the colour scheme. I was planning to use it in the level 11-15 chapter of my 5e D&D campaign. However, the players decided to retire and start a new game once they reached level 11. As often happens to me, inspiration just hits me and I have a full vision of what I want the finished figure to look like. The challenge, of course, is how to actually make it happen. I recently started working hard to improve my airbrushing skills, and that gave me the road map I needed.

The base on this figure takes the original plastic base that came with it and adds some height. I added two layers of cork board and then covered them with miliput. I used a Happy Seppuku mold to add the ‘slaty’ texture around the periphery of the base. I am going to use a Bones flaming sphere that I got with Bones Kickstarter I as a light source. I put a shallow depression on the base and the sphere will be suspended just above this, giving a strong low angle light source. I used the airbrush to paint the base stone grey with very dark shadows (nighshade purple and walnut brown added to the stone grey) and very bright highlights around the depression holding the light source. I then added a pretty strong layer of the ambient colour that will be created by the light source. This is the underpainted layer for my base.

I also used the airbrush to prepare the figure by giving it very strong dark shadows with red, purple and brown. I also added some of the ambient glow colour in the areas where the light will hit the figure. The figure is now underpainted and ready for painting by brush to begin. Here is the work in progress photo as of 27 Jan 2019.

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