*All prices in Canadian Dollars

Super easy custom painting process!  1. Select the miniature you like in the online store. 2.  Select the quality of painting you want for the figure. 3.  Pay for your figure.  We will take care of everything else quickly and efficiently.  You will be contacted within 24 hours by email to verify any colour choices you may need to make, and then your figure will be painted.  You will receive updates to let you know when the figure will be finished.  You will receive an email with photos of the finished product.  You say “I like it!” and we ship it to you.  Or, you say “Wait a minute, I wanted his cloak to be blue!” and we will fix it.  Then we send you the finished figure by mail using Canada Post with a tracking number.  Satisfaction Guaranteed!  If you decide you don’t like the finished product, return it to us in the same condition in which you received within 30 days and your money will be refunded.  

Don’t see the figure you want?  We can order in figures from a wide variety of manufacturers for you including the full line of Reaper, Dark Sword, Bombshell, etc.  If it is currently available from the manufacturer, we can probably get it for you. Just ask us and we will tell you whether we can get it, for how much, and how long it will take to come in. There is a local Games Workshop outlet where you can buy your GW order for pickup, with no shipping charge. 

How do you get painting service for figures that you already own or are not currently available in the online store?  We offer a full range of panting services including assembly, basing, modifications and painting.  Generally speaking, the larger and more complex your project is, the more time it will take to paint and therefore the more it will cost.   Please use this contact form to ask us for a quote for your project.  You can provide us with the figures to be painted or ask us to source the figures, in which case the price of the figures will be added to the total cost.  We have unpainted figures available for sale in the shop which can be painted to any of the quality levels listed below.  You can select this on the product page when you add the miniature to your cart.  Just let us know in the order notes when you purchase the figure if you have any specific colour requirements or special instructions.  You can also contact us for a quote.  Assembly and Basing.  Assembly of a 28-32 mm figure is a flat rate of $5.  This includes removing mold lines and flashing, assembling the pieces, attaching to the base and priming.  If your figure does not require assembly, this price does not apply. For larger figures, additional fees may apply. 

Game quality figures.  Figures which are painted just enough to play games with.  They will be painted with basecoats and one layer of wash.  They will not usually have new bases added.  Depending upon the complexity of the figure, small details like eyes will not be painted.  The cost of painting varies with the size and complexity of the figures, but typically is $15 per single 20-40 mm figure.  The figure will be coated with a protective matte finish.  Below is an example of this painting quality. 

Tabletop Quality.  These figures are typically used during gaming for non-player characters or encounters.  For a relatively straightforward 28-32 mm figure with a simple base (round, square or hex 1 inch plastic base) and no assembly required, the basing and painting cost is $75 plus shipping and taxes. Larger and more complex figures painted at this quality level will cost more.  The figure will have at least one layer of shading and highlighting, eyes and other small details will be painted, the base will have texture and will be painted.  The figure will be coated with a protective matte finish.  Example of $75 figure

Character Quality.  For a 28-32 mm figure which is more complex, which requires a single special painting technique such as small freehand designs, NMM or OSL or more complex basing, the price will be $150 plus shipping and taxes. Larger or more complex figures incorporating additional special techniques will cost more.  We will be happy to provide you a quote on your project.  Examples of $150 figure

Conversions Conversions cost a flat rate of an additional $20 per conversion for most 20-40 mm figures.  For example, switching out weapons. Conversion of larger and more complex figures will cost more but we are up for any challenge.  We routinely swap weapons, sculpt cloaks and hoods, even tentacles and eyes. Once, we even sculpted a beholder! Please contact us and we will be happy to provide you a quote on your proposed project.  Examples of $20 conversions.

Miniatures which require multiple complex conversions cost $20 per conversion.  For example, the miniature below involves combining two separate models, five separate conversions and the sculpting of original parts for a cost of $120. This model is painted at the Character Quality level with non-metallic metal technique applied to all metal surfaces.  Because the model incorporates a 28 mm figure ($150) and a second slightly larger figure ($150) the estimate to complete this project to this quality level would be $420. Example of Complex Conversion

Painted Figures for Sale

Yes, I will happily paint your Warhammer army. There is a local Games Workshop outlet, so you can order your figures so they are delivered to that store, with no shipping charges, and I will pick them up from there. Saves you tracking down the figures, paying shipping to send them to me, and worrying about whether they will arrive. I can paint them just well enough to get them onto the game table, or I can paint them to a display quality. I have a fully set up and stocked miniature painting studio, so I can pump them out rapidly for you. Contact me with your project description and I will provide you a written quote within 24 hrs.