Cyber Fae Painting Contest 2021

Theme: How will fairies survive in a technological and increasingly virtual world?

Congratulations to the winners of the painting contest. Fabulous work all round!


Contest start date:  13 March 2021

Contest end date:  Closes at 5 p.m. on Saturday, 10 July 2021

One entry per person. 

Entry must have been painted by the person entering the miniature. 

Miniature must have been painted in 2021. 

Miniature may not have been entered previously in any other online or in-person painting contest. 

No entry fee.

Entire entry, excluding plinth if attached, must fit in a cube measuring 10 cm on each side.  No exceptions.

Any figure from any manufacturer may be entered.  Special:  to reflect the support given to us by Reaper Miniatures, any Reaper figure entered receives an automatic bonus of 1 point in the creativity section.   

Figure must be brought to Hecatina Miniature Painting Studio during normal open hours, before 5 p.m. on 10 July 2021, to be photographed.  All judging is from photos of the figure. 

Judging occurs on Sunday, 11 July  2021. 

Winners announced at 5 p.m. on Sunday, 11 July 2021.

Prizes may be picked up from Hecatina Miniature Painting Studio as of Tuesday, 13 July 2021.  Prizes must be picked up and will not be mailed out.


1st place: Reaper Virtual Expo 2021 Hobby Box

2nd place:  Reaper Virtual Expo 2021 Punk Box

3rd place:  Reaper Virtual Expo 2021 Expo Box

Other special awards may be added at the discretion of Hecatina Miniature Painting Studio. 

Hecatina Miniature Painting Studio reserves the right to disqualify any entry that we deem to be offensive (graphic violence, racism, graphic sexual content, etc).  If in doubt about whether your entry meets these criteria, ask us in advance.

Cyber Fae Miniature Painting Contest Scoring Criteria: 

Creativity:  Scored out of 10, with up to 4 bonus points possible (max possible score 14)

Cyber Fae Theme:  Up to 3 bonus points

Reaper Miniature:  1 bonus point

use of color

color schemes

freehand designs

things that are not part of the sculpt itself

painted effects (OSL, NMM, textures) (Object Source Lighting)

Workmanship: Scored out of 10

model prep for painting

Mold lines

Model assembly

Surface prep

Painting Skill: Scored out of 10

Base coats




Execution of painted effects


Presentation: Scored out of 10


Overall composition (spacing, interaction, symmetry/asymmetry)

Basing and integration of figure with base

Weighted Scoring Criteria: Each of the four scores out of 10 will be multiplied by the % below to get a final score out of 10 for the entry.  Maximum possible score of 10.6 with all bonus points. 

Creativity: 15%

Workmanship: 15%

Painting Skill: 60%

Presentation: 10%