Painted Figures

These figures are fully painted and available for purchase as is. Most figures listed here are also available unpainted. Updated as of 2 June 2019.

Latest Painted Figures

Garwin Greywand Wizard

Orc Warbringer

Female necromancer

Female Cavalier with Long Sword

Lannister Lady in Waiting

Mal Catfolk Warrior

Almah Merchant Princess

Grixus the Goblin Wizard

Witch with glowing potion

Merisiel Iconic Elf Rogue Alternate Sculpt

Shadoweyes Catfolk Rogue

Ziba Female Efreet as a Marid (Bones)

Aziz Al-Jawar

River Troll

Cthal T’Chuk

Sibeccai Runethane

Rasia with Spiked Chain


Imperial Agent Crane Rank

Vulthus Oathcroak


Phineas Greybone Necromancer

Lem Iconic Halfling Bard

Ghost King


Crystal Golem Encounter

Count Lorenth (Bones)

Ape-X (Bones)

Kord the Destroyer (Bones)

Fire Dragon (Bones)

Azarmand Catfolk Barbarian

Thaddeus Greytower Wizard

Female Mage (Darksword)

Vale Longthorn

Ian MacAndrew

Robert O’Mannon

Female Vyrkyl (Evil Knight) (Darksword)

Michelle Dancing Blade

Michelle Dancing Blade

Kain Swiftblade

Maria Roseblade


Adrasteia Winterthorn Vampiress

Nagendra Warriors (2)

Samantha of the Blade

Hill Troll

Incarnation of Flame

Male Wood Elf Archer (Darksword)

Gargoyles (2)

Clone of Dirz (Rackham) SCRG33

Crystal Golem (Emerald)

Hell Hounds (3) Bones

Sibeccai Runethane

Battletech: Madcat

Male Dragonkin Warrior (Darksword)

Vistaril Quillscratch Wizard

Female Thief (Darksword)

Female Assassin (Darksword)

Olivia, Mercenaries Cleric

Battletech — Pursuit Lance in Desert Camoflage

Frost Devil (Bones)

Hell Cat (Bones)

Garrick the Bold (Bones) group of six guards

Wizkids Griffon

Duke Gerard (Bones)