Painting Classes

Upcoming Classes:

Level-up Classes at HfxGames in Dartmouth. Click on the date for more information and tickets.

24 July 2019

There will be no level up class in August.

Date of Introductory Classes at Board Room Games Cafe in Halifax:

  • 22 Aug 2019 (note that this is a Thursday)
  • Class Dates for Sept 2019 onwards have not been set

Hecatina Miniature Painting Studio offers several types of classes to help you improve your miniature painting ability.  Our instructor, Geoff Davis, has been painting miniatures since 1979.  He is painting miniatures full time and loves to help other people improve in their hobby. He regularly takes painting classes himself every chance he gets and is up to date on the latest techniques. If you have any questions about the painting classes please contact us.

  • Introductory Painting Classes.  These classes provide the new miniature painter access to paints and brushes and all other resources necessary to paint a miniature.  The participants are provided with a miniature figure which the painter gets to take home at the end of the class.  The class facilitator will provide basic instruction and some mentoring to help the participant learn the basics.  Up to 6 People at a time, $15 per person.
  • Level-Up Painting Classes.  These classes are limited to small numbers of people and take place in a quiet, brightly lit room to maximize learning potential and mentoring opportunities.  The instructor will take a close look at the participant’s recent painted miniature and provide specific guidance to help them improve their painting.  This may include printed handouts with step by step instructions, real-time streaming of the instructor’s painting process on a display screen and hands-on assistance. $25 per person, up to 6 people per class. Can be held at HfxGames or another location if requested.
  • Individual Classes.  These classes are limited to an individual student and can take place in a classroom setting or other location.  The class will be specific to the current painting level and questions of the student and will include recommendations for specific projects to improve painting technique. Classes are $25 for a one hour class. Individual classes can be requested through the contact page. 

Class tickets can be refunded up to two days before the class starts.  No refunds will be available after this time unless the class is cancelled due to weather, in which case the full class fee will be refunded.  Tickets can be purchased at the classes on the day of the class if there are any seats still available.  Please check with us to confirm availability. If the class you were interested is full, please let me know through the contact page.  Additional classes can always be added if there is interest.