Battletech Pursuit Lance in Desert Camoflage (Rare OOP)


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Original lead Ral Partha Battletech Miniatures.  Stinger LAM, Assassin, Javelin and Ostsol.  All are completed in the same desert camouflage and mounted on 1 inch scale plastic hex bases.  All are coated with protective matte clear coat.  These miniatures are all over thirty years old and were used in actual game play, so they have a few small dings.  All were stripped of enamel paint and repainted with acrylics.  They have not been used for play since.  There is some concern among Battletech miniature collectors that there are many knock-offs in the market.  Because the only way to tell is quality of the cast and the position of original mold lines, the mold lines on these four figures have not been removed as proof of origin.  Price includes all four mechs but does not include shipping and taxes.  Note that these miniatures are made of lead and are not toys.  They should not be handled by children under 14.  Painted by Geoff Davis

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