Infinity Code One: Operation Crimson Stone Bundle Pre-Order (ends 21 July 2021)


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THIS IS A PRE-ORDER.  The figures will be shipped through a supply chain and then out to you as soon as I receive them, anticipated to be around end of August 2021.  You will receive periodic updates once I have better clarity on the date I will receive them.  Please note that unlike the last pre-order, there is no option to buy the limited edition figure separately.

Box contains:

1x Operation Crimson Stone (include the exclusive miniature Wolfgang Amadeus Wolff) (€119.95/~$175 CAD/MSRP $143.95 USD)

1x Dire Foes Gamma: Xanadu Rush (€32.95/~$49 CAD)

1x Dragon Lady Limited Edition (€19.95/~$28 CAD)

Corvus Belli Bundle Price: €149.95/~$220 CAD)

Our Bundle Price:                                    $184.95

To get just the Operation Crimson Stone Box go to this link to pre-order:



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